Eric Clapton - Further On Up The Crossroads CD1 Year: 1993 Genre: Blues 01. I Got My Mojo Working (closing jam) 02. Louise (live tv) 03. Key To Love (Saturday Club radio) 04. Lawdy Mama (live) 05. Meet Me (In The Bottom) (live) 06. Crossroads (live) 07. Steppin' Out (live) 08. Lawdy Mama (alternate studio take) 09. Falstaff Beer Commercial (unedited) 10. White Room (early take) 11. Sunshine Of Your Love (Top Gear radio) 12. Take It Back (Top Gear radio) 13. Change Of Address (instrumental) 14. Can't Find My Way Home (electric version) 15. Cold Turkey (alternate take) 16. Poor Elijah (Beat Club tv) 17. Where There's Will There's A Way (Beat Club tv) 18. Key Of E Jam (unreleased)