Henry Townsend - Mule Year: 2018 Genre: Blues 01. Bad Luck Dice 02. Nothing but Trouble 03. Things have Changed 04. The Old Man's Soul 05. Tears Come Rollin' Down 06. It's a Hard Road to Travel 07. Talkin' Guitar Blues 08. I'm Just an Ordinary Man 09. Alley Strut 10. Can't You See 11. Dark Clouds Rising 12. The Train is at the Station 13. Overstayed my Time 14. The Other Night (Bonus) 15. Broken Home Blues (Bonus) 16. Going Back to my Baby (Bonus) 17. Nice and Kind (Bonus) 18. Goin' Back Down South (Bonus) 19. Turned On and Off (Bonus) 20. Look Over Yonder (Bonus) 21. Since You've Come Back Home (Bonus)