Mitty Collier - Shades Of A Genius Year: 1998 Genre: Soul 01. I Had A Talk With My Man Last Night 02. Little Miss Loneliness 03. I Got To Get Away From It All 04. My Babe 05. Let's Get Together 06. Would You Have Listened 07. Let Them Talk 08. So Little Time 09. It Looks Like Rain 10. I've Got Love 11. That's What A Man Is For 12. I'm Your Part Time Love 13. Pain 14. Don't You Forget It 15. One More Time 16. I Dedicate My Whole Life To You 17. Don't Let Her Take My Baby 18. Free Girl In The Morning 19. Hallelujah (I Love Him So) 20. Drown In My Own Tears 21. No Faith, No Love 22. Ain't That Love 23. Data Track