Guitar Slim - You're Gonna Miss Me: The Complete Singles Collec DTITLE=tion A's & B's (1951-1958) Year: 2017 Genre: Blues 01. Bad Luck Is on Me (Woman Troubles) 02. Cryin' in the Morning 03. New Arrival 04. Standin' at the Station 05. Feelin' Sad 06. Certainly All 07. The Things That I Used to Do 08. Well, I Done Got Over It 09. The Story of My Life 10. A Letter to My Girlfriend 11. Later for You Baby 12. Trouble Don't Last 13. Sufferin' Mind 14. Twenty-Five Lies 15. Our Only Child 16. Stand by Me 17. I Got Sumpin' for You 18. You're Gonna Miss Me 19. Quicksand 20. Think It Over 21. Sum'thin' to Remember You By 22. You Give Me Nothin' but the Blues 23. Down Through the Years 24. Oh Yeah 25. If I Should Lose You 26. It Hurts to Love Someone (That Don't Love You) 27. I Won't Mind at All 28. Hello, How Ya' Been, Goodbye 29. When There's No Way Out 30. If I Had My Life to Live Over