Eric Clapton - Further On Up The Crossroads CD4 Year: 1993 Genre: Blues 01. Knock On Wood (live) 02. You Don't Know What I Know (live) 03. Lady From Verona (unreleased) 04. Same Old Blues (live) 05. Phone Booth (flexi) 06. After Midnight (complete unedited version) 07. Training Jam #1 (unreleased) 08. Training Jam #2 (unreleased) 09. Keep A-Knockin' (R&R Hall Of Fame) 10. Communion (unreleased title music) 11. Breaking Point (live) 12. No Alibis (Saturday Night Live) 13. Wonderful Tonight (Saturday Night Live) 14. Before You Accuse Me (The Elvis Awards) 15. Sweet Home Chicago (The Elvis Awards)