Willie Buck - Willie Buck Way Year: 2019 Genre: Blues 01. You Want Me to Trust You 02. (All I'm Doin' is) Thinking of You 03. Bottom of the Hill 04. I Got You (and You Got Me) 05. Can't Say Something Good About Me (feat. Billy Flynn) 06. There's a Woman 07. My Mind Might Freeze Up 08. Crawlin' King Snake 09. Crawlin' King Snake 10. Heck of a Time (feat. Thaddeus Krolicki & Billy Flynn) 11. The Men Ought to Learn (To Treat the Women Right) (feat. Thad 11. deus Krolicki) 12. Please Have Mercy 13. How Deep is the Ocean 14. Willie Buck Way 15. Twenty-Four Seven 16. Blues Before Sunrise (feat. Billy Flynn) 17. I'd Rather Leave You (feat. Billy Flynn)