Nico Brina - Who Cares, Just Boogie Year: 2010 Genre: Boogie Woogie, Piano Blues 01. Two Rabbits On A Blind Date 02. Who Cares, Just Boogie 03. Don't Mess Around With A Pianom 04. Crying Cats And Dogs 05. Jon King Tons Blue Boogie 06. Rabbit's Blues 07. Time To Boogie Woogie 08. She Loves To Boogie 09. Happy Ol' Boy 10. Little Sugar Mouse 11. Saturday Night Blues 12. Hitchhike Boogie 13. Jumpin' Chicks On A Washboard 14. Boogie Woogie Power 15. Cool Cat Blues 16. Let The Cat Out Of The Bag 17. Offhanded Boogie 18. Charlie's Boogie