Heritage of the Celts - The musical Heartbeat of a People Year: 1995 Genre: Celtique 01. King of the Fairies (Waxie Dargle) 02. Kid of the Mountain (The Crickard Brothers) 03. Meddley : Tipping it up to Nancy - Sawallow's Tail (Waxie Dargle) 04. Banna Strand (Soazig) 05. Childhood Days (Kim Skovbye) 06. Brezhoneg (Soazig) 07. Coming Around (Waxie Dargle) 08. Madley : Geese in the Bog - The Wind that shakes the Barley (Waxie Dargle) 09. Medley : The high Road to Linton - Mrs McLeod's Reel (The Crickard Brothers) 10. The Orphan (Kate Northrop) 11. Folk Selection Medley : The As in the Graveyard - The Hen and the Turkey - MaArthur Road - The Steam Packet (The Auld Town Pipe Band) 12. The Mist Cover Mountains of Home (The Gordon Patullo Band) 13. The Ferry Man (Waxie Dargle) 14. The Pinch of Snuff (The Crickard Brothers) 15. The Shallow Tail Reel (Kate Northrop) 16. Come all ye young and tender Maidens (Waxie Dargle) 17. Air (For Ireland) (Kim Skovbye)