Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band - Live at Slim's Y-Ki-Ki Year: 1997 Genre: Ethnic 01. Give Me Just A Little Time 02. She Fools Around (She Petahsay) 03. Why You Wanna Make Me Cry? 04. Hey Pretty Babby (With Your Teeth So White) 05. Co Fa 06. You're Breaking My Heart 07. Donne-mon Ca (Give It To Me) 08. Hold On To It 09. Ca Joue Ma Musique De Tuer Les Herbes 10. Maymel 11. Sometimes We Make You Move Your Feet 12. Chocolate 3-Step 13. Rising To The Top 14. Soileau Zydeco 15. Moving To The Groove 16. I like To Do My Thing 17. I Want Her