Oratorio Society of New York - Handel's Messiah Highlights Year: 1994 Genre: Classical 01. Symphony (Grave - Allegro moderato) 02. Accompagnato: 'Comfort ye My people' (Tenor) 03. Aria: 'Ev'ry valley shall be exalted' (Tenor) 04. Chorus: 'And the glory of the Lord shall be revealed' 05. Accompagnato: 'Thus saith the Lord of Hosts' (Bass) 06. Aria: 'But who may abide the day of His coming' (Bass) 07. Chorus: 'And He shall purify' 08. Recitative: 'Behold, a virgin shall conceive' (Alto) 09. Aria: 'O thou that tellest good tidings' (Alto) 10. Chorus: 'O thou that tellest good tidings' 11. Accompagnato 'For behold, darkness shall cover' (Bass) 12. Aria: 'The people that walked in darkness' (Bass) 13. Chorus: 'For unto us a Child is born' 14. Pifa (Pastoral Symphony) 15. Recitative: 'There were shepherds abiding in the fields' (Sop 15. rano) 16. Chorus: 'Glory to God in the highest' 17. Aria: 'Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion' (Tenor) 18. Recitative: 'Then shall the eyes of the blind' (Alto) 19. Aria: 'He shall feed His flock' (Soprano) 20. Chorus: 'His yoke is easy, his burden is light' 21. Chorus: 'Hallelujah!'