Chicago Symphony Orchestra - Hungarian Connections Year: 1993 Genre: Classical 01. Mephisto Waltz No.1 02. Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 03. Hungarian Sketches I.Evening in The Village 04. Hungarian Sketches II.Bear Dance 05. Hungarian Sketches III.Melody 06. Hungarian Sketches IV.Slightly tipsy 07. Hungarian Sketches V.Swineherd's Dance 08. Prince Csongor and The Kobolde, Op.10 09. Romanian Folk Dances I.Stick Dance 10. Romanian Folk Dances II.Sash Dance 11. Romanian Folk Dances III.In One Spot 12. Romanian Folk Dances IV.Horn Dance 13. Romanian Folk Dances V.Romanian Polka 14. Romanian Folk Dances VI.Fast Dance 15. Romanian Folk Dances VII.Fast Dance 16. Háry János Suite, Op.35a I.The Fairy Tale Begins 17. Háry János Suite, Op.35a II.Viennese Musical Clock 18. Háry János Suite, Op.35a III.Song 19. Háry János Suite, Op.35a IV.The Battle and Defeat of Napoleon 20. Háry János Suite, Op.35a V.Intermezzo 21. Háry János Suite, Op.35a VI.Entrance of The Emperor and His Court