Sylvain Bergeron - The Balcarres Lute Book Year: 2007 Genre: Classical 01. The Lady's suite - Sugarcandie, by John red 02. The Lady's suite - When she came in, she boobed, mr McLaughlan 02. s way, by mister Beck 03. The Lady's suite - Simon Brodie, mr McLaughlans way, by mister 03. Beck 04. The Lady's suite - Katherine Ogie, Mr Beck's way 05. The King's suite - Buckingham's Sarraband, Mr. Becks Way 06. The King's suite - Two Minuets, Jean Mores way, by mr Beck 07. The King's suite - The Kings Gigue, mr McLaughlans way, by mis 07. ter Beck 08. The King's suite - Tweedsyde, old and new ways, by mister Beck 09. The French suite - Belle hereuse, by Mr lesslie 10. The French suite - Cigue by Monsieur Gallot 11. The French suite - Sarraband, by Monsieur Gallot 12. The French suite - My Mistress is Prettie, by Monsieur Mouton 13. Suite 'Imperial sweetnesse' - The Lasse of Petties mill, Mr B 13. eck's way 14. Suite 'Imperial sweetnesse' - Imperial sweetnesse, by Master 14. Leslie 15. Suite 'Imperial sweetnesse' - My own dear Honey, be kind to m 15. e, by mr Lesly 16. Suite 'Imperial sweetnesse' - Two Gigues my Monsier Gallot - 16. A Gigge by mister Beck 17. Suite 'Jock the lairds brother' - Galloway thom, mr McLaughla 17. ns way, by mister Beck 18. Suite 'Jock the lairds brother' - Jock the lairds brother, Je 18. an Mores way, by Mr. Beck 19. Suite 'Jock the lairds brother' - Bubbing Jo, mr McLaughlans 19. way, by mister Beck 20. Suite 'Jock the lairds brother' - Jock the lairds brother, Jo 20. hn Morison's way, by Mr. Beck 21. Suite 'Jock the lairds brother' - The Lady Binnis Lilt, by Da 21. vid Grieve 22. Suite 'Adieu to the pleasures' - Adieu to the Pleasures, mr M 22. cLaughlans way, by mister Beck 23. Suite 'Adieu to the pleasures' - Saraband, by David Grieve 24. Suite 'Adieu to the pleasures' - For old long syne by mr Beck