Daaneman, Agnew, Harvey, Verzier, Moccia, Hantaļ - Beethoven - Irish, Welsh & Scottish Songs Year: 2001 Genre: Vocal 01. Womankind 02. The Sweetest Lad Was Jamie 03. The Kiss, Dear Maid, Thy Lip Has Left 04. Come Draw We Round a Cheerful Ring 05. Come Fill, My Good Fellow 06. On the Massacre of Glencoe 07. What Shall I Do to Shew How Much I Love Her 08. The Farewell Song 09. The Lovely Lass of Inverness 10. Oh Thou Art the Lad of My Heart, Willy 11. The Dream 12. The Pulse of an Irishman Ever Beats Quicker 13. The Return to Ulster 14. Constancy 15. To the Aeolian Harp 16. Since Greybeards Inform Us that Youth Will Decay 17. The Parting Kiss 18. Wife, Children and Friends 19. Again My Lyre 20. God Save the King 21. The Vale of Clwyd 22. The Monks of Bangor's March 23. Faithfu' Johnie 24. Soldier's Dream