Christopher Guild - Stevenson: Piano Music, Vol. 3 Year: 2019 Genre: Classical 01. African Twi-tune (The Bantu & Akrikaaner National Hymns Combin 01. ed) 02. Hill Song No. 1 (Arr. R. Stevenson for Piano) 03. Sounding Strings: I Harp of Gold (Y Delyn Aur): Welsh Air (Bro 03. ad, bardic) 04. Sounding Strings: II The Ash Grove (Lwyn On): Welsh Air (Alleg 04. retto) 05. Sounding Strings: III Hal-an-tow: The Floral Dance from Helsto 05. n, Cornwall (Allegro) 06. Sounding Strings: IV A Fairy's Love Song: Hebridean Air (Moder 06. ato) 07. Sounding Strings: V The Sheep under the Snow: Manx Air (Andant 07. e) 08. Sounding Strings: VI Savourneen Deelish: Irish Gaelic Air (Fai 08. rly slowly) 09. Sounding Strings: VII The Cockle-gatherer: Hebridean Dance-son 09. g (Allegretto) 10. Sounding Strings: VIII Tune from County Derry: Irish Air (Slow 10. ly) 11. Sounding Strings: IX Eriskay Love-Lilt: Hebridean Air (Andant 11. e, accarezzante (caressingly)) 12. Sounding Strings: X Ben Dorain: Scottish Gaelic Air (Moderato 12. maestoso) 13. Sounding Strings: XI La Basse-Breton: Folk Dance from Brittan 13. y (Allegro) 14. Sounding Strings: XII The Old Womans Reel: Folk Dance from Ba 14. rra, Outer Hebrides (Not fast but fairly sprightly (remember 14. its an old womans dance)) 15. Sounding Strings: XIII LAngelus Breton: Folksong from Brittan 15. y (Andante amabile (gently)) 16. Sounding Strings: XIV The Child Christs Lullaby: Hebridean Ca 16. rol from South Uist (Andante) 17. Chinese Folk-Song Suite: I The Washer-woman and the Flower-gi 17. rl (Con moto tranquillo) 18. Chinese Folk-Song Suite: II A Song for New Years Day (Andante 18. ) 19. Chinese Folk-Song Suite: III The War-widows Lament (Lento) 20. Chinese Folk-Song Suite: IV Beautiful Fresh Flower (Allegrett 20. o) 21. Chinese Folk-Song Suite: V Song of the Crab-fisher (Allegro c 21. on spirito) 22. Ghanaian Folk-Song Suite: I Song of Valour 23. Ghanaian Folk-Song Suite: II Consolation 24. Ghanaian Folk-Song Suite: III Leopard Dance 25. Bonny at Morn (arr. R. Stevenson for Piano) 26. The High Road to Linton (arr. R. Stevenson for Piano) 27. Barra Flyting Toccata