Bartok, Bela: - Bartok: Boulez the Complete Columbia Album Collection; Boulez/NYPO Year: 1975 Genre: Classical 01. 001 Introduction 02. 002 First Dance: Dance of the Princess of the forest: Molto moderato 03. 003 Allegro: Second Dance: Dance of the trees: Assai moderato 04. 004 Third Dance: Dance of the waves: Andante 05. 005 The Princess notices the staff with the goldenlocks: Allegretto 06. 006 Fourth Dance: Dance of the Princess with the wooden doll: Allegro 07. 007 Great Apotheosis: Hommage of the trees, waters and flowers: Pił sostenuto 08. 008 Fifth Dance: The Princess in her endeavour to make the Wooden Prince dance, pulls and pushes him about: Meno mosse 09. 009 Sixth Dance: She tries to attract the real Prince with her seductive dancing: Allegretto 10. 010 Seventh Dance: Dismayed, the Princess attempts to hurry after the Prince, but the forest bars her way: Moderato 11. 011 Slow curtain: A tempo